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Our Mission:

We are an open, Christ-centered community, caring for each other, and doing God's work in the world.



There is a place for you here!

Whether you are single or married, widowed or divorced, young or not so young, we welcome you to be a part of our community. 

We welcome people of different races, faith heritages, sexual orientations and socio-economic backgrounds.  Whoever you are, our red doors are open to you.  Come and experience the inclusivity of St. Luke’s!

You can get to know St. Luke’s members better by participating in midweek Bible Study or our annual Lenten Series.  You can take part in a Foyer Dinner Group or even check out an evening of Trivial Pursuit. St. Luke’s is also a caring Church family where people reach out to each other with concern and emotional support in time of need.  We pray for those who are sick, take communion to the homebound, and support people through the transitions of life.

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From 1887 to Today

In the beginning... 

The first Episcopal services in Perinton were probably held in 1828 or 1829 by the Rev. Ezekiel Gear from West Avon, and there is mention of sporadic services being held in the 1860's. By 1886, a small congregation of about forty-five people leased the former Universalist Church on East Church Street, organized a choir, a Ladies’ Aid Society, a Sunday school, and was holding regular services. The Rev. George Thomas LeBouillier, who came from Pittsford on a railroad handcart (which had been lent to him by the railroad), celebrated at the first of those regular services on Sunday morning, September 12, 1886.


Meet our Parish Leadership

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The Very. Rev. Ken Pepin became our rector on February 1, 2019.

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Music Director

Alexandra has been the music director of St. Luke's since December 2021.

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Parish Administrative Assistant


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Charlie has been the sexton at St. Luke's since 2013.


Recognizing our responsibility to our parishioners and to our community, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Fairport encourages the use of its facilities by both our parishioners and by nonprofit, civic and other organizations. The following policy has been established by St. Luke’s Vestry to encourage and manage the use of our church facilities by both parish and non-parish organizations.

Contact us using the form below for more information.

Scheduling Rooms:

  • By St. Luke’s groups:  Sign-up for available time with the church office.  Please be prepared with start & end time, room, and group name.

  • By non-parish organizations:  After appropriate times and facilities have been reserved for the functions of the various church groups, the remaining times and facilities may be reserved by non-parish organizations. 

  • One-time commitments:  Upon approval of the written application, the event will be marked on the Parish calendar by the parish administrative assistant.

  • Regularly scheduled commitments:  A master list of these commitments will be posted beside the calendar and will specify the activity, time, rooms used, days of week, etc.

  • Young children:  To ensure their safety, young children must be supervised at all times.

  • In consideration of others, please start and end meetings on time and keep the church calendar up to date if there is a change of plans.

  • Set-up/clean-up:  The leaders of all groups are responsible for setting up and cleaning up after their function or meeting.  This includes returning furniture to its proper place, removing trash and placing in outdoor trash bin, sweeping/vacuuming floors if necessary, and turning out lights.  Any equipment owned by a particular group needs to be removed or stored in the designated area.  If your group is the last to leave the building, ensure all doors are locked and secure.

  • Borrowing furniture:  No furniture, equipment, or utensils are to be removed from the premise without the permission of the Property Commission or Rector.  Items are to be signed out by the Property Commission, the parish secretary or the Rector.


In addition to the general policies, the leader of non-parish organizations is responsible for:

  • Ensuring church doors are kept closed at all times except during loading and unloading.

  • Intervening if any condition is noticed which is potentially harmful to people or property.

  • Ensuring that only the scheduled rooms are used by your group.

  • Being considerate of St. Luke’s neighbors during outdoor activities.

  • Property damage:  It is the responsibility of any non-parish group, which damages any church property, to repair or replace the damage to the satisfaction of St. Luke’s Property Commission.

  • No smoking:  Smoking is not permitted in St. Luke’s buildings.

  • Playground equipment:  The playground equipment is owned by St. Luke’s.  No group may schedule or advertise use of this equipment without the consent of St. Luke’s.

  • Kitchen usage:  Request to use the kitchen equipment and appliances will be considered for small “do-it-yourself” (not catered) functions.  Consumable items must be provided or replaced.  All equipment used must be cleaned prior to leaving.

  • Meal/beverage service:  Meals or snacks are to be served only in the Great Room or Undercroft.  Food service in other parts of the building requires permission of the Property Commission or Rector.  No alcoholic beverages are permitted by non-parish organizations on church property.

  • Worship areas:  Except in extraordinary circumstances (and then only with the consent of the Rector or one of the Wardens), the Worship and Columbarium areas are not available to non-parish organizations.


  • Signs, posters, and art work are to be displayed on church property only in areas designated by the Property Commission.

  • Temporary signs are to be removed as soon as practical.

  • Advertising for events to be held at St. Luke’s is subject to review and pre-approved by either of the church Wardens or the Rector.

Temporary cancellation of commitment:  Even though space has been approved for use by a non-parish group, special one-time activities such as funerals, rummage sales, worship services, etc., will take priority.  If a reservation needs to be canceled, notice will be given as far in advance as possible.  Every reasonable effort will be made to avoid this inconvenience.

Insurance Coverage:  In the event that the wardens and rector determine that insurance coverage is required, St. Luke’s reserves the right to require a certificate of insurance or a copy of the policy, which is satisfactory to the church.

Application and Approval Process

Application Process:  A request to utilize the facility must be made using the current Building Use Request/Contract form.  Applications for long term usage may need a supplemental written proposal to explain the purpose and requested commitment. 

Requests should be submitted as soon as possible using the following guidelines:

  • Single Use requests:  2 weeks prior to the request date.

  • Regularly Scheduled Requests:  2 months prior to the start date.

Contract Approval for Non-parish Organizations:

  • One time commitments:  After determining there is no conflict with St. Luke's and other activities, permission shall be granted with the approval of 2 of the following: Sr. Warden, Jr. Warden, or the Rector and reported to the Vestry at the next meeting.

  • Regularly scheduled commitments:  After the preliminary approval by the Rector and either the Sr. or Jr. Warden. A mutually acceptable written contract must be drafted.  This contract shall be reviewed and approved by the church attorney, the Rector, and either the Sr. or Jr. Warden prior to final vestry approval.  Also, other groups using the facilities with whom there may be a concern, may be notified and invited to provide an input at a vestry meeting.  Approval or renewal shall be granted by a majority vote of the Vestry, which meets monthly.

For more information, please contact us using the form below.


Thanks for submitting!

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