A variety of fellowship and hospitality ministries are available at St. Luke's. We have different groups that provide the social fabric to our parish life and community.

Coffee Hour

Coffee hour provides fellowship after the 8 o'clock church service (1st Sunday of the month only) and the 10 o'clock church service (every Sunday). Preparing and serving coffee, tea, juice, a snack, and clean up afterwards is all it requires. The success of this particular fellowship activity depends upon one or two people signing up for each week during the year. (Summer Sundays we have lemonade on the lawn.)

Fabulous playground for the kids!


Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups let us get to know each other in a personal and informal setting. Every six months everyone is invited to sign up. Then groups of six to eight people are selected randomly. The individual groups meet at each other's homes for a simple meal and conversation.

JULIET Group Luncheon

The JULIET (Just Us Ladies Into Eating Together) group is composed of mostly retired (but not a prerequisite) ladies who like to meet and eat lunch together for fun and fellowship. The group meets on the third Thursday of each month at various local restaurants. Different members take turns making the reservation for the group. Look for the announcement in the bulletin or newsletter or this web site for the location of that month's meeting place. All ladies are welcome to join them.

ROMEO Group Luncheon

The ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out) group has been an institution of St. Luke's for about 20 years. The group meets on the third Wednesday of each month at Riki's Family Restaurant at 25 North Main Street in Fairport. All men are welcome and being retired is not a prerequisite.


Volunteers plan receptions and provide food and beverages for special events such as Bishop's visit, baptisms, All Saints Day. We also serve at receptions following funeral services.

Episcopal Night at Frontier Field

Every July a group from St. Luke's gather together to enjoy an evening at Frontier Field. Take in a baseball game with our own Rochester Red Wings while partaking in the food and fun at the stadium. Who can resist Rochester's famous Zweigle's hot dogs?

Musical Concerts Hosted at St. Luke's

Organ concerts by Brian Glikes our choir director

Beautiful preludes and postludes every Sunday by Brian Glikes

Concert featuring the music by Mitzie Collins

String quartet recital by Eastman School Students

Additional musicians for Easter and Christmas seasons

Special Events

Even more opportunities to share fellowship and of course the abundant food that accompanies all Episcopal gatherings.

Spring and fall family picnics

Boy Scout and Girl Scout Sundays

Ice cream socials

Acolyte pizza and bowling party

Feast of St. Luke

Youth Sunday

Choir Party from 2/19/2016