Last year’s donation statements are available for pickup in the Narthex. If you would like
your statement mailed to you, call the church office at (585) 223-2796.


St. Luke's "Foyer Group" is a mixer for our church family; a way to get to know each other better. People gather together in each other's homes for a shared meal; be it brunch, lunch or dinner. It has been a long-standing social event at St. Luke's and has been a great way to get to know our church family. Warren and I have made many close, supportive friends because of it. The time together is filled with laughter, good food and warm memories.
If you sign up, you will be assigned to a group of six (6) to eight (8) participants. You will volunteer to host once during the year. As a guest, you will be asked to bring either an appetizer, salad or dessert or however you as a group decide, i.e. you may decide you want to do a breakfast or desserts only.
This is a time for all of us to be inclusive. We would like to encour-age each host to ask a new person/couple from church or from your neighborhood to join you for that evening. It is a way to reach out to the community and to fulfill our mission. None of this is mandatory but something you might want to consider within your group.
A sign-up sheet is posted in the hallway through March 25th. Groups will be organized shortly thereafter. We will attempt another "Foyer Finale" where we all meet in one place in the fall. Please consider joining St. Luke's Foyer Group 2018! Pat and Warren Knapp



At our Annual Meeting held on Sunday, January 28, the following officials were elected.
Jr. Warden: Ralph Henderson
Vestry (3-year term): Gary Gocek, Sharon Grantham, David Prener
Vestry ( 1-year term): Marti St. George
Delegate: Mary Jo Hazelden


Sweet Charity Resale Boutique & Shop Open

Advent House, Fairport’s comfort care home for over twenty five years, has opened a resale store, Sweet Charity, 650 Whitney Rd., Fairport. Sweet Charity welcomes your generosity as we transition from our long-held Garage Sale to a shop that will provide a consistent, year-round source of income for operations. Sweet Charity’s Winter Hours are 10am-4pm Wednesday through Saturday, donations accepted up to 3pm those days. Visit our Facebook page Sweet Char-ity Fairport for additional information or email with questions. Advent House thanks you for your generosity!



There is a box in the Narthex where parishioners can place screw top lids from jars, medicine bottles, etc. A 3 year old girl in Fairport receives dialysis 3 X per week. For every 1,000 screw cap lids she collects as part of a program called Lids for Love, she will receive a free dialysis treatment.


Many seniors are in need of affordable transportation for various needs….a trip to the grocery store, a doctor visit, etc. Give-a-Lift is in serious need of more drivers. If you have a couple of hours a week, or even a couple of hours a month, consider being a volunteer driver. You can select your geographic area and the times you wish to drive. You will be provided with training and supplemental liabil-ity insurance, as well as the satisfaction of sharing your blessings. Please contact Sr. Anne Guerin at 244-8400, ext. 142 or email: Thank you.




Would you like to host a Coffee Hour in February? If you are able to help, there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board or you can call the Church office at 223-2796.
Thank you!



On Sunday, February 11, the Sunday before Lent begins, adults and teenagers present will be given Lenten Booklets created by Episcopal Relief and Development. The booklets will contain a meditation for each day of Lent. The theme of the meditations is how children inspire us in our spirituality.



The February – April 2018 devotional booklets are available on the Narthex table for you to take home.
The booklets cost St. Luke’s 90¢ each. If you are able to help defray our expense, please put a contribution in an envelope next to the booklets and place the envelope in the offering plate. If not, feel free to take a booklet and use it anyway.



The new flower calendar for 2018 is posted on the bulletin board. Please consider signing up for flowers on a Sunday. You can order the flowers yourself or a member of Altar Guild will take the responsibility.
The flowers can be to acknowledge a celebration, a memorial, or just to decorate the church! Thank you, Altar Guild



Hope everybody is doing their best to stay warm. Our needs for the Per-inton Food Shelf are: salad dressings, cooking oil, ketchup, mustard, cereal, sugar, pancake mix, laundry detergent, dish washing soap, shampoo, canned hash, canned sloppy joe/Manwich, deodorant. Thanks for all your help. Eileen Schopp


Severe Nut Allergy - Please read...

Hello St. Luke's Family. Many of you know my 8 year old son, Michael. He's an acolyte and was (proud to be) Joseph in the Christmas pageant. Michael recently had a severe allergic reaction to a nut-based ingredient at a holiday party. It was very scary. I am writing to ask your help in keeping him safe at church. As with many of the kids, he bounds up the steps after Sunday School and heads right to the goodies at coffee hour. If you have contributed food to the buffet that contains any nuts, could you please label it as such? I will leave "tented" index cards near the table so you could use those to show your food contains nuts or nut-based ingredients (ex. almond extract, Nutella, etc.) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this mom some peace of mind.

~ Melissa Panara



The dishwasher at church is a low temperature washer and does NOT have an internal water heater. The 3 chemicals used by the washer to wash, rinse and sanitize do the major work in cleaning the dishes. It uses the hot water from the hot water tank in the basement. During the week the water in the pipes gets cold because not much hot water is used and it’s a good distance from the hot water heater to the dishwasher. If you run only one rack of cups and silverware the water in the dishwasher will only be warm.

Therefore, before starting the dishwasher, run all the hot water faucets (3) in the kitchen sinks (including the faucet to the left of the dishwasher until the water is at its hottest so the cold water in the pipes is flushed through. It takes a good minute or two for the hot water to reach the kitchen from the basement hot water heater.  Charlie also turned up the hot water heater a bit today to increase the water temperature for dishwashing.

If you follow this preparation step the dishes will be washed, rinsed and sanitized with good hot water.  Please make sure you have been fully instructed before using the equipment.

Thank you,

Cathy Thayer

Announcement Date: 
Sunday, February 18, 2018